KBG investment's and trade services offer support to companies based in the Korean region to achieve their export potential. For those exporting for the first time or businesses experienced in international trade expanding into new markets we can help develop export capabilities, provide expert advice, reliable data, and professional market research.


Our international trade teams are active in over ten countries worldwide. Help for businesses seeking to set up or expand in the South Korea. We work closely with the English regional development agencies and the national development agencies in Korea and Asian Region. Our main services are below:


Strategic Objectives

         Customer Service

         Business Success

         Leadership in Product Reputation


Customer Service

         To have a thorough knowledge of our customer's needs.

         To meet all the identified needs of our customers.

         To have a highly motivated and flexible staff to assist our customers.

         To expand our services to include worldwide export/import services.


 Business Success

         To improve our financial operating performance to fund further growth of our activities.

         To increase our client and product base.


Leadership in Product Reputation

         To be recognized leaders in quality.

         To be efficient in our product based activities.

        Actively promote quality in Korean made products in worldwide.



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